Our Philosophy

This is your goal.
It will be your effort.
And it will be your achievement!

Your coach will be your guide and will help you with a custom plan so you can achieve your greatest potential.

The purpose of all training should be to make you a healthier, happier person.

Too many athletes arrive at the starting line already beat up with chronic injuries and accumulated fatigue. A good training plan should progress at an individual’s own pace in order to allow the body to adapt to new work-out regimens. Tendons and ligaments must be given an opportunity to strength along with muscles. It’s essential that the nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal and muscular systems be trained simultaneously for optimum performance.

Our approach.

The initial consultation and the athlete questionnaire are designed to let your coach know your goals, motivations, past experiences, current fitness, other interests and your individual schedule and time availability to train.   All of this is considered when designing your personalized training plan (PTP).

Our commitment is to make this journey enjoyable and rewarding! Endurance sports are a great addition to your life, but we respect your commitments to family, work and other life interests.

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Your finish is our focus.